Bob Perry Free Plug-Ins and Demo BundleWe’ve updated the Bob Perry Free Plug-Ins + Demo Bundle to v2.0.0, incorporating a brand-new installer. 64-bit and 32-bit plug-ins now come bundled in one single download. You may choose which versions you want to install.

Windows Users: If you have the previous Bob Perry Free Plug-Ins and Demo Bundle installed, we strongly advise you to uninstall it before installing the new version. We promise you won’t have to do so in future updates!

For the first time, we finally provide VST2 versions for all our plug-ins!

Be advised, though: VST2 versions of Plug-Ins that offer side-chain functionality in VST3 and AU do need a DAW with multi-channel VST2 support, as there is no such thing as real side-chaining in VST2.

The Bob Perry Free Plug-Ins and Demo Bundle v2.0.0 includes the following plug-ins:
  • Bob Perry Gate v1.3.2
  • Bob Perry Listener v1.0.2
  • Bob Perry Ducker v1.4.3
  • Bob Perry Ducker Pro v1.1.3
  • Bob Perry Gate Pro v1.1.3
  • Bob Perry Crossfader v1.4.3
  • Bob Perry ATC v1.0.2